Brand Redesign

Dear customers:

From Sport 2001, now Training 2001, we have launched a new era for Training 2001, with which, with this new brand, we will be able to bring the sport to many more places than we already did with Sport 2001, that is, to expand and ship to all the world.

But how will this change affect customers?

Retail customers will not be affected at all, the page will be active with the two domains and , orders already processed will continue their usual process, and the in-store and online payment gateways will be the same but changing their current styles online will change from Sport 2001 to Training 2001 and in store will change the billing descriptor and the images in the payment terminal.

For wholesale customers, invoices already issued until 10/31/2022 have legal validity, but those issued after 11/01/2022 will have changed to the unified billing system through www.erp.training2001 .com .

What happens if Sport 2001 continues to appear in some of the services?

Nothing happens, really, we have only changed the brand, not the legal entity, so even if the Sport 2001 logo appears, the service can be used. In addition, there is a period of 1 month from 11/01/2022, for all entities associated with us to modify the logos in their systems.

I want to return a product, but I bought it at Sport 2001?

Nothing happens, you have to make the return through, and for the refund of the money, even if SPORT 2001 or SPORT2001.COM appears in the purchase, it will be returned as TRAINING 2001 or TRAINING2001.COM, please that they verify with their entity if within a period of 5 to 7 business days they have not issued the credit, because some entities such as CaixaBank or Sabadell, return the credit, because they cannot find the initial operation. In the event that the entity has returned the credit, we will reissue it automatically, and if they do not accept this credit, we will contact the buyer to issue the credit through SEPA Bank Transfer.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, you can make your inquiries through our enabled email address